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  Bomber the Labradoodle

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"Multi-Gen and Australian Multi-Gens available."

Aus-em Labradoodles
Phone: 908-362-6397

Email us at cedarridgepups@aol.com.
About Aus-em Labradoodles & Omega Farms
Omega Farms is located in scenic Northwest New Jersey, where we currently maintain miniature horses and donkeys, as well as raising and showing many different breeds of dogs and cats for over 3 decades.

One night in December 2003, our lives were changed forever. We were sitting in the airport, waiting for our daughter’s flight from California, when a gentleman sat down next to us, with the most adorable dog we had ever seen. My wife began to pump the young man for as much information as she could, about this relatively new breed.

It was several months later, after countless hours doing research on the internet and dozens of phone calls, we finally purchased our first labradoodle.

What impresses us most about this breed (and yes it is a breed), is their super intelligence (I call it double intelligence) and their clown-like, gentle disposition. We have a solid foundation, breeding stock comprised of F1’s, F2’s and Multi-gens and currently have puppies available.
Here at Omega Farms, we strive to conduct breedings that will only enhance the quality of the breed. Our Labradoodle breeding stock primarily, consists of F1’s, F2’s and Multi-Gens, with lineage back to Australia. We also maintain Standard Poodles for back-crossing when there is a need to improve the hypo-allergenic coat. By maintaining a diversity of breeding stock and working with other Labradoodle breeders (see our links page), we can maintain a very large gene pool, thus avoiding the pitfalls that can happen whenever any breed becomes too popular.

We produce a variety of colors with our Labradoodles, including creams, apricots, reds, chocolates, silvers, blacks and even occasional parti’s.